Rechargeable LED Lantern (IL 679)

Rechargeable LED Lantern (IL 679)


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  • 24 PCS super bright SMD LED
  • Built-in 6 Volt 4.5 Ah sealed Lead acid
  • Over charge and over discharge protection
  • RED LED charging indicator
  • 7 hours brightness
  • 24 hours normal power with normal brightness
  • Charging time 12 hours for full charge

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Impex is a brand that offers a range of smart and compatible home appliances to meet up with all your day to day needs.  This rechargeable LED Lantern illuminates your space with the most powerful and natural looking light.  It has a rechargeable battery which gives up to 24 hours of backup with normal brightness.  It is also highly durable as the outer casing is made of non-breakable plastic material. 


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