a. Track your order

You can check the status of your order from your traderkerala
‘My Account’ or through this link:

We ensure timely communication about your order status via Email / SMS under the following conditions:

  • When your order is confirmed / processed / shipped / delivered
  • When your order shipment is delayed

b. Delivery of the product

It usually takes between 5 to 7 days to deliver the order after it has been dispatched. This varies depending upon your and merchant’s location.

We will notify you on your registered contact details via Email / SMS with the tracking number and courier/delivery partner details, once the order has been dispatched.

In case a merchant is unable to fulfill the order on time, we will transfer the order to another merchant. If the order still can’t be fulfilled, the same will be cancelled and your refund will be processed. The refund would be credited to your account within 2 weeks after the order is cancelled.

c. Shipping Charges

The shipping cost, if applicable, is mentioned on the checkout page. The amount that you pay while placing the order at would include the product and courier charges.For all orders, the amount to be paid is mentioned in the package. It is the same price that is displayed while placing the order.  However, we may offer free delivery cost in some cases which will be noticed in the site from time to time.

d. Order is out of delivery. But has not reached?

If the status is marked as “OUT FOR DELIVERY”, and is not delivered to you in next 24 hours, kindly check with the courier company or contact our customer service department. We will follow up with the courier partner until your order is delivered.

e. Product is delivered at wrong address

In case, you discover that the Courier Company has delivered your package to the wrong address, you should immediately contact our customer service department. We will follow up with the courier partner and notify you at the earliest possible.

f. Product not delivered within the expected delivery date

There could be a delay depending upon your shipping address, merchant’s location, courier services and unfavourable climatic conditions. You can track your shipment from the courier company’s website, using the tracking number sent to you on your registered Email/Contact number. If there’s no update in shipment, please wait for 48 hours. Else, get in touch with our customer service department

g. Order received partially

Since your products may be shipped from different merchants, orders with multiple products and different delivery timelines will be delivered to you separately.

h. Delivery time for the same product vary from seller to seller

The number of days could vary depending upon your shipping address and seller’s location.

i. Delivery time different for different products

The delivery time varies depending upon the Shipping Address, Merchant’s Location and size of consignment.

j. Tracking of Shipment

Courier companies update the tracking number on their website after the shipment is handed over to them. Sometimes it takes up to 48 hours for the tracking number to get updated. However, the shipment is on its way to its destination. If you have recently received the shipment details, we would recommend you to wait and try tracking on the website after some time. If the tracking number is not updated, please get in touch with our customer service department.

k. Change in shipping address

You may request for change of address as long as the order is not packed and ready for shipment. You can track the status of your order from traderkerala ‘My Account’ section or from

If the order is not yet ready for dispatch, you can change your shipping address from ‘My Account’ section or contact us at

If your current order has already been shipped, you can still update the address in your traderkerala Address Book for future orders. To edit an existing address that is saved in your traderkerala  account, kindly visit the ‘Addresses’ page and click on ‘Edit’. After you have made the required changes in the Address, click on ‘Save’.

l. Unreliable message from courier company

We use services of some of the industry’s best courier/delivery companies for delivering your orders. However, if you suspect that the courier company’s message is not reliable, please drop us a message at Under such incidents, we abide by no-compromise policies with the courier companies.

m. International delivery

Yes, traderkerala delivers products to international locations. (Conditions apply)

n. Return to Origin

Return to Origin’ or RTO means that the courier company tried to deliver the order at your address but could not deliver the same due to any of the following reasons:

You were not available to receive the order.

Your location was out of delivery area of the courier.

Your address was not traceable.

Hence, it is shipped back to the sender.

o. Consequence of RTO received

We will refund the amount to your bank account.